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I have always tried to make my spaces pretty.  As a little girl,  I was constantly rearranging my furniture and covering my walls with magazine cutouts and posters.  (Big Bopper anyone…?  I’m oldish.)  My style has evolved slightly, but I still have that ‘never quite done’ mentality when it comes to decorating.  My husband finds it one of my most endearing qualities – I’m quite sure!  (God made spackle, sooooo….)

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3 thoughts on “Home Tour”

  1. I stumbled across you via Stephen Alexander homes. I love your decor❤! Do you have a Blacksburg model home plan! We are weeks away from breaking ground on that plan😊. I have found some photos of the home plan online, but have to find photos of the pantry or upstairs laundry. Would you care to share yours?


    1. Hi there! I don’t have the Blacksburg model, actually – I have the Caramel Cottage. Peeking at your floorpan online, our first floors look almost identical. Our second floors are very different though so our laundry rooms don’t look alike.

      Do you have an email address I could send you a picture of our pantry? It’s not fancy, but I would be happy to show you what ours looks like.

      You can email me at courtney@coverlove.net.

      Thanks for reaching out!


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